Suiting (And Dressing) Up For The “Iron Man 3” World Premiere

Yesterday evening, the cast and filmmakers all suited and dressed up and took to the appropriately colored red carpet on Hollywood Boulevard to celebrate the world premiere of their newest film “Iron Man 3.”

The third film in the franchise will leave off from where “The Avengers” left off and will carry through to the end and answer the question of whether or not Tony Stark makes Iron Man or does Iron Man make Tony Stark.

We’ve posted a lot of pictures from the red carpet and post-premiere after party at the Hard Rock Café on our Facebook Page, so be sure to check those out as you get ready to watch Tony Stark’s (yes, it’s Tony Stark’s) new movie flying into theaters on Friday, May 3!

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Be sure to join us next week before the film’s release date for one of our famous SPOILER-FREE reviews from DE writer Lance Cruzado!

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