Big Thunder, Small Screen.

As you might already know, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Park is closed for refurbishment until Fall of this year. Aside from replacing the track and adding new ride control system, we were reminded of another news story that spoke about a new backstory for the ride as well.

Earlier this week, we got word that ABC has decided to begin production on a new TV series that’s centered around the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness.” Being titled “Big Thunder,” the story will be a drama centered around a late 19th century New York doctor and his family who have decided to relocate to a frontier mining town run by a powerful yet mysterious tycoon…which reminded us of another previous news release…

Disney Parks spokespeople told us a few months ago that they would be adding more story elements to the Big Thunder Mountain attraction at Walt Disney World.

The funny thing is is that the new backstory behind the attraction (which we’re sure will make its way to the California version too) includes the SAME family and tycoon story elements that we’ve been told about for the new ABC TV drama!

The official backstory is below. -

Barnabas T. Bullion (pictured above) is the founder and president of the Big Thunder Mining Company. The longtime mining magnate comes from a powerful East Coast family and considers gold to be his very birthright by virtue of his oddly appropriate name; in fact, he considers the ultimate gold strike to be his destiny. And that is why he is having so much trouble with Big Thunder Mountain.

According to superstitious locals, Big Thunder Mountain is very protective of the gold it holds within, and the unfortunate soul who attempts to mine its riches is destined to fail. And so far that prophecy is coming to pass. The mine has been plagued by mysterious forces and natural disasters ever since. And yet the Big Thunder Mining Co. is still in operation. In fact, Bullion is discovering new veins of gold and digging new shafts every day, offering a closer look at the Big Thunder mining operation than ever before.

But a word to the wise for anyone attempting to visit the mountain: watch out for runaway trains.

It’s all starting to come together folks. So to recap, the Big Thunder Mountain attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will get a new backstory that will be visible both at the attractions themselves AND in a new TV drama that will make its way to ABC soon.

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What do you all think about the new backstory for Big Thunder Mountain? Will you be watching the new ABC drama about the attraction? Will it convince you to visit the attraction/Disney Parks more often. Tell us in the comments, why don’t ya?!

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