Disneyland Is Getting Rose-y Once Again

It has become a Southern California tradition. It’s watched by people all over the world.

It literally marks the beginning of a new year.

It’s the Tournament of Roses Parade and we’re proud to mention it in a story right here on DisneyExaminer because the Disneyland Resort will have a float in this year’s parade!

As we’ve mentioned, this year’s float entitled “Destination: Cars Land" will indeed highlight pretty much everything that’s inside the real Cars Land - from a rose-covered Route 66 and Radiator Springs Racers to your favorite ‘Cars’ characters like Lightning McQueen and Sally.

We’re excited to see it and even more excited to see that the Disneyland Resort has returned to the Rose Parade after somewhat of an absence. It’s only fitting they continue a tradition of participating ever since Walt was alive. From having Walt being grand marshall of the parade in 1966 to creating the tallest float in Rose Parade history, Disney certainly has left its magical mark on this beautiful tradition.

Take a look at other floats that Disneyland has created for past Rose Parades in the pictures and captions above and be sure to either head down to Pasadena or watch the Rose Parade again this year on New Year’s Day to catch another Disney float that will carry on the magic of turning roses into masterpieces.

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DisneyExaminer EXCLUSIVE - We got a sneak peek at this year’s “Destination: Cars Land” float! See pictures from our visit for your own sneak peek HERE.

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