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Club 33 used to be the best kept secret in the Disney universe. Not so much anymore.

If you all don’t know what Club 33 is, it is an exclusive club (duh) located on 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square. It’s basically a restaurant/lounge area originally made for Walt Disney and his special VIP guests.

First opened in 1967, the Club has hosted a variety of VIPs, famous politicians, celebrities, and even ordinary people like you and me who have been fortunate enough to know a member of the Club to get a reservation to dine there.

Nevertheless, Club 33 membership has always remained exclusive for many reasons, particularly the wait list to get in. The wait list, which capped out at a max of 800 people hasn’t really moved in 10 years due to the fact that current Club members wanted to stay, leaving no vacant spots for membership. Our sources are saying that the Club caps its membership at 500 members.

That has all changed starting today.

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Club, Disney has revealed that today they will start accepting new members from the current wait list - 100 new members to be exact. For those of you who are not on the current wait list, you may be added should space open up by emailing and fill out the form.

The other reason Club 33 has retained is exclusivity is the price. For individual members like you and me, you must first pay an initiation fee of $25,000. After that, its $10,000 in yearly dues. For that kind of cash, you might expect some awesome benefits…and you do. Some of which include the following:

  • Access to Club 33 anytime to grab a bite or just relax
  • 4 Annual Passes (without blockout dates) that are good for use at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida.
  • 50 day passes for you to give to your guests
  • Park visit planning (think concierge at a hotel)
  • VIP tours and exclusive events and first looks at new attractions
  • Valet parking
  • Fastpasses to any attraction at any time
  • Access to 1901

…what’s 1901 you ask?

Well it’s the new Club 33-esque space located on the first floor inside the new Carthay Circle Theater, the landmark of the new DCA located at the end of the new entry way Buena Vista Street. We’ve included some photos from the inside of the new Club above.

It has been confirmed, folks. Named for Walt Disney’s birth year, 1901 will act as a sister to Club 33, where Club members and their guests may eat small appetizers and drink. No real meals will be served there. Inside, guests will find some ornate details that will immerse you in the story of what Buena Vista Street is all about - Walt’s first journey to Los Angeles to make his dreams come true.

Imagine it’s the 1930s, and this is where the animators would’ve hung out, swapped stories, doodled on napkins…This is the place Walt and the animators might’ve chatted, relaxed, unwound … a cozy den.

- Imagineer Ray Spencer

We’re hoping to cover all of this when the new DCA gets revealed on June 15…less than 5 weeks away now folks!

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