Family Vacation - ABC’s “Modern Family” goes to Disneyland

If there’s one show on ABC primetime that we like, it has to be the show "Modern Family". There’s been a lot of talk around studio heads at Disney (parent company of ABC) as well as the Disney community here online wondering if they’d be taping an episode at the Parks. Any real modern family would indeed take a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, right?

Our presumptions were confirmed this past Wednesday. As we entered Disneyland for One More Disney Day, we saw that film crews were set up around New Orleans Square in the morning and found out that it was for a “Modern Family” episode!

They were at the Resort for three days of taping the concluded just yesterday, March 2. From what we’ve heard and seen as the film crews made their way around the Resort, Disneyland AND Disney California Adventure will be featured quite prominently throughout the episode as each member of the family rode and filmed quite a bit on the attractions like Splash Mountain (pictured)!

According to our sources, they were taping one of the final episodes for this season, so were hoping to see this episode air when the season ends this May.

Will you watch it…with your family?

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